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Beatrice Zancanaro & Alberto Poli halten im Rahmen ihres AcroModernLab Projekts einen Gastworkshop für Tänzer, Akrobaten und Zirkusartisten in der Sporthalle Wien.

Da dieser Workshop internationaler Profi-Artisten auf Englisch stattfinden wird, hier auch die Ausschreibung in der Vortragssprache:

We are pleased to host Beatrice Zancanaro & Alberto Poli, 2 international artists (Cirque du Soleil and Notre Dame de Paris) with their AcroModernLab Project for a 2-Day Workshop. 

Saturday, 21st of September 2019 17:00-19:00  + Sunday, 22nd of September 14:30-16:30

Saturday, 21st of September 12:30-16:30 + Sunday, 22nd of September 10:00-14:00

This workshop is for adults and adolescents (14+ years).
Beginners: we require a basic movement background (at least a couple years of training in modern/contemporary dance or gymnastics or circus arts);
Intermediate/Advanced: we require 3+ years of dancing and familiarity with handstands, back/front handsprings and aerials.

Day 1: "Insanity Coordination" is a very fast-paced and fun warm-up that blends rhythm with "brain and body awakening", just what it takes to start off with full energy.
What follows is modem-contemporary dance stretching combined with movements from Pilates, addressed to set the right posture of the body in order to have a strong and dynamic base from where each move and trick is supposed to start and finish. 
The students will then move to a pre-acrobatics workout, which consists in exploring variations of cartwheels, handstand and "macacos" (depending on the general level) combined with floorwork movements in order to gradually create smooth combinations. They will focus on soft landings and fluent transitions between every single move, already aware that they are dancing and not only combining tricks.
Next, the group will start working on more complex acrobatic movements that will eventually be part of the final choreography. Each student will be assisted to adapt the difficulty of the skills to his or her own level.
After a short break, we'll move to Dance Movement research: each student will analyze the interactions between body and space on a deeper scale, starting from fundamental concepts like Laban's cubes and spheres to their application on a upside down position. Working with different speed and rhythm, different levels, different leading parts of the body and 360° directions will help each student exit his or her comfort zone. 
Lastly, the first part of one of our own AcroModern choreographies will be taught to the group.

Day 2: after the warm up as in Day 1, the first part of the class will focus on developing "stage awareness". Creative group "games" will take the students to a personal, inner experience aiming to dig deep into their own emotional baggage and creativity: learning how to balance the space with the group, when to be leaders and when to be followers, creating group empathy and trust will help triggering the mechanisms that allow each performer to give their best in stressful situations (e.g. working in a company or being at an audition).
With all these concepts in mind, we will go over the whole movement training of the previous day and add new elements to it.
Once divided in small groups, the students will have the chance to put the creativity work into practice, by completing the choreography with their own group movement research.

Early Bird until 21st of August: Beginner 40€, Intermediate/Advanced 60€.
Regular price: Beginner 60€, Intermediate/ Advanced 80€.
Please note that the Workshop will only take place with a minimum attendance of 15 participants per group. We will evaluate the registry list until 24th of August. So we recommend to register before then in order to not miss out on this great opportunity. Also please be aware that if we need to cancel this event only the registration fee will be refunded. We will not cover any travel or accomodation costs spent in context to the event.

Information and Registry
For additional information please visit Beatrice and Alberto´s homepage http://teamverticallimit.it/acromodernlab/ or contact us via event@sporthalle.at.

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